Kayan XL with 001 - 3D Printed Shade by Formaliz3d


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The Kayan lamp shade is the result of an inspired collaboration between Plumen and Italian 3D printing design specialist, Formaliz3d.

Using 3D modelling and printing, Kayan is specially designed to fit Plumen bulbs.

Its powerful simplicity of soft, sinuous shapes perfectly complements the curved silhouettes of the bulbs. The punctured sides also let the bulb’s unique silhouette shine through whilst keeping the full brightness of the light projected onto surfaces below. 

The shade comes included with a Plumen 001 light bulb.

This item will be sent directly from the manufacturer and delivery may take up to 12 working days.

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  • Shade Material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 250mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • Fabric Cable
  • Cable length: 1.50m 

Original Plumen 001

Designed by HULGER and Samuel Wilkinson

  • Fitting: E27
  • Lifetime: 8,000 Hours
  • 15 Watt
  • 820 Lumen
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K (warm white light)
  • Non-Dimmable: Do not use with dimmers, motion sensors or other control devices
    • North America, Japan and certain other countries are compatible only with the 120V version.  Most other countries are compatible only with the 230V (E27) version. For a list of the requirements of each country in the world, please click the 'Country Compatibility' tab. The 120V (E26) version is sold on the US shop.
    • For a full list of technical specifications please click on the tab "Full specification".

    The Kayan is sold with the 230V version only (E27).

    The following countries require the 120V version:

    • American Samoa
    • Anguilla
    • Aruba
    • Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belize (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Bermuda
    • Bolivia (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Brazil (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Canada
    • Cayman Islands
    • Colombia
    • Costa Rica
    • Cuba (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Dominican Republic
    • Ecuador
    • El Salvador
    • Guam
    • Guatemala
    • Haiti
    • Honduras
    • Japan
    • Liberia
    • Libya
    • Mexico
    • Micronesia
    • Morocco (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Netherlands Antilles (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Nicaragua
    • Palmyra Atoll
    • Panama
    • Puerto Rica
    • Saudi Arabia (unless you have a 230V supply)
    • Suriname
    • Taiwan
    • Trinidad & Tobago
    • USA
    • Venezuela
    • Virgin Islands

    All other countries require the 230V version of the bulb. If in doubt, please email us at


    • Shade Material: ABS plastic
    • Dimensions: 250mm x 150mm x 150mm
    • Cable length: 1.50m 
    • Plumen bulb only, 15W max

      Original Plumen 001

      • Lifetime: 8,000 Hours
      • Non-dimmable: Do not use in dimmers
      • Colour Temperature 2700K (warm white light)
      • Use in dry location only
      • Not for use in totally enclosed luminaires
      • Lamp dimensions: 192mm x 100mm x 91mm
      • Energy Label A
      • Switching Cycles: More than 30,000
      • Warm-Up Time: Less than 30 seconds
      • Starting time: 180ms
      • Mercury Content: Less than 2.5mg
      • Luminous Flux: 820 Lumen
      • Lumen Maintenance: 82% after 6,000 hours
      • Rated Wattage: 15W
      • Lamp current: 118mA
      • CRI: >80
      • Power Factor: 0.59
      • Product Specification Sheet available here 
      • If the Original Plumen 001 breaks, please click here to find out how best to clean it up
      • For the best way to dispose of the Original Plumen 001 at the end of its lifetime, please click here


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